Thursday, January 6, 2011

Adventures of an Irresponsible Sophomore.

 I must admit it. These past couple years haven't been the best for my schooling.

I guess it started around March 2008 or so. Sarah was going to fly to Florida to visit the grandparents, and for some reason, my school started slipping. Bad stuff, but no big deal, eh?

VERY big deal.

It kept slipping and slipping and slipping until I really wasn't sure how far behind I was anymore. I was behind for literally MONTHS. Dad punished me severely, but really, I wasn't about to do anything until I could get up the mindset to do it. Eventually, I did. The end, right?


Ever since then, it's been a habit of mine to let my school get behind. I'm bright, don't get me wrong. I'm rather good in Algebra and music. But I just don't feel like doing it yet. Bad idea. I rejoice when I keep it up, and you know what? It feels really, really good. But for some reason, I can never keep it up. Unfortunately, NOW it's starting to really matter, because I'm in high school and these grades will affect my life. Groan.

Pick up the pencil, open the book. And fall asleep with boredom.

Hopefully it'll get better.

2010, in 12 Nutshells.

I credit the brainchild of this post to Emily Clifton(, for her end-of-year blog post about 2010. I was like, "Well, why shouldn't I do that?" except I'll take things a bit differently. I'm going to list the alphabet, and words that they stand for that have something to do with my year. Fun eh?! Tally-ho!

A-My new-found guy friends, Adam and Aaron. They're the best.
B-Baptism. My little sister joined the church this year.
C-Callie, LeAnna, and Katie...friends <3
D-Doctors, who took care of our massive and horribly-timed outbreak of strep throat.
E-Sweet Ethan Landreman, who lived for minutes and will be remembered forever.
F-Fiddler on the Roof, which I miss!!!
G-Grandpa Brown, who finally gets to be with his wife, whom he loved deeply.
H-HELP, my homeschool co-op which I so adore.
I-iPod, which I used so much during the year it's surprising it isn't broken.
J-Job, which Dad and I seriously talked about me getting :D
K-Kitten, Abby's new baby that we got in July or so.
L-Lady GaGa, whom I decided I loved. Her music is way too catchy.
M-Mornings. They're so much more satisfactory in the summertime.
N-Never Say Never...I have Bieber Fever <3
O-Oklahoma, which I watched for the first time this year!
P-Pierced-my little sister had her ears pierced :D
Q-Quiet, which we never got at Cedar Creek this year, due to the rain on the roof.
R-Room. I'm moving downstairs soon babayy!
S-Surgery, which some of the people I'm closest to had this year. Not fun.
T-Titanic, my new-found favorite movie.
U-Underdog, best superhero theme song ever.
V-Vaida and Titus-twin's friends came to OH for a while :)
W-Weekend meeting in TN-first year going, had so much fun!
X-Xactly why does everyone think Ke$ha's so hot?!
Y-Year, Sarah's senior year.....
Z-Zoom-wait, where'd the year go?!

 Me in January 2010...
And January 2011.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Epic Music Series-Love Songs (Pop)

Mercy sakes alive, I've been away too long. Not that there's more than like 3 people who read this blog, but oh well. Here goes, pop love themes. Tally-ho, off we go.

1- We'll Be Together (Ashley Tisdale)-

I used to listen to this all the time. It still makes me want to sing it to an audience of many.

Music or lyrics-Music.

iTunes avaliability-Available.

2-I Still Believe (Hayden Panettiere)-

Even my older sister likes this one. It's atypical, waltz-y, absolutely irresistible.

Music or Lyrics-Lyrics.

iTunes availability-Unfortunately, this is a bonus track for Princess Disneymania, so unless you buy the whole album, you can't get it. I was not happy.

3-Ever Ever After (Carrie Underwood)-

Um, duh. This is also atypical, happy, and still retains pop strains. And hey, it's Carrie. You gotta love it.

Music or Lyrics-Music...maybe...

iTunes availability-Unfortunately, just like I Still Believe, this is a bonus track for the Enchanted album. However, I found a version by Jordan Pruitt that's pretty good as well.

4-She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5)-

I just discovered this like yesterday, and I absolutely love it.

Music or Lyrics-Music.

iTunes availability-I THINK so.

5-Never Had A Dream Come True-

I found this on a Titanic tribute, and again, it was an amazing find.

Music or Lyrics-Lyrics.

iTunes availability-I believe so.

This may be edited later, we'll see.......tally-ho, folks!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Green Stuff.

 I actually like vegetables. LOVE them, more like it.

I was born in Hidden Valley. Well, practically. And you know those Chef Boyardee ads, "Behold the mythical vegetable-loving kid"?

He exists, baby. That's me.

When I was younger, my parents had to make me eat a cookie before I had more broccoli. I've just always liked vegetables. I seriously enjoy grossing people out by eating every vegetable they hate in front of them. Squash? Beautiful. Asparagus, broccoli, cucumbers? Delish. Brussel sprouts? Favorite.

Cucumbers are a special thing about this house, because Mom hates me going and eating the gourmet cucumbers. (Yes, I can put away half a cucumber by myself. Got a problem with that?) But it is bliss to cut up a cucumber and pour on the dressing and act all vegetarian. MMM. 

I love it.

I am supposed to cut carrots into little pieces when I eat them, because of my braces. No way, yo. If my brackets wanna break, so be it. And so far, it's been pretty much fine. SO THERE.

I'm totally stark raving mad, I know.