Thursday, January 6, 2011

Adventures of an Irresponsible Sophomore.

 I must admit it. These past couple years haven't been the best for my schooling.

I guess it started around March 2008 or so. Sarah was going to fly to Florida to visit the grandparents, and for some reason, my school started slipping. Bad stuff, but no big deal, eh?

VERY big deal.

It kept slipping and slipping and slipping until I really wasn't sure how far behind I was anymore. I was behind for literally MONTHS. Dad punished me severely, but really, I wasn't about to do anything until I could get up the mindset to do it. Eventually, I did. The end, right?


Ever since then, it's been a habit of mine to let my school get behind. I'm bright, don't get me wrong. I'm rather good in Algebra and music. But I just don't feel like doing it yet. Bad idea. I rejoice when I keep it up, and you know what? It feels really, really good. But for some reason, I can never keep it up. Unfortunately, NOW it's starting to really matter, because I'm in high school and these grades will affect my life. Groan.

Pick up the pencil, open the book. And fall asleep with boredom.

Hopefully it'll get better.

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