Monday, June 20, 2011

Rae's playlist-as of now.

 Um, why am I listening to dance music?!

Most people have boundaries on music. Say, they love country and hate rap. Then there are the rap-worshipers that despise pop. Some love indie and nothing else. Me, I love everything. I'll listen to country, pop, soft pop, show tunes, rap, hip-hop, electronica, dance, a little bit of indie, a little bit of rock, soundtrack, so on and so on. I love EVERYTHING. That being said, here's some of my picks as of now.
Selena Gomez and the Scene-Love You Like a Love Song

Haters gonna hate. This song is way too catchy, even if the lyrics are kinda cheesy. Who's gonna listen to every single song on her new album when it hits iTunes?
Cascada-Every Time We Touch

So, it's kinda old. I don't give a rip. NOTE-Most versions of this song are dance or radio edits. The first time I heard it, I heard Yanou's Candlelight Mix, which is slower, and might just make you cry.

(Yes, it's a Titanic tribute vid. Deal with it.)
Bianca Ryan-I Will

Also kinda old, and most people don't know who she is. Bianca won the premiere season of America's Got Talent at 11 years old-and no wonder. I love her music and even her covers. In fact, let's have a little more Bianca....
Bianca Ryan-I Wish That

I dare you not to cry.
Michael Bublé-Everything

The first Michael Bublé song I ever heard. So darling. <3

Dare I do more later, loves? Maybe, maybe.

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