Wednesday, September 8, 2010

On the scent of men.

 Don't laugh. I'm sure you've noticed it too. A guy walks into the room, and all the girls turn around. HEL-lo! And it's not because he's hot. It's not because they need a date for the dance. It's because guys smell so stinkin' GOOD.

My friend Cassidy and I were just discussing today how guys smell. There are 3 guys in our Musical Theatre class that we anaylzed. Let's call them Guys 1,2, and 3. Now, guy 1 has a scent that makes you feel safe. Guy 2 has a scent that makes you feel ok to be yourself. And Guy 3? He just has this really intense scent that DRIVES ME CRAZY. Yow. :)

 What is it about guys that makes us go crazy?! And how much time do they put into smelling like a men's cologne sample, only better? Hands many girls have just stood next to a guy and smelled him. It made you happy, right? Oh, ladies......I don't think they know how much the scent of a guy makes us feel.

Bet if they knew, they'd be happy...........

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  1. Confession: At my old job, there was this really creepy guy who was just hateful to everyone... So I knew we weren't going to be friends. BUT, his workstation was behind mine so he was constantly walking behind me... And one day, I got caught leaning back to sniff him (like I did everyday, ha).