Sunday, August 29, 2010

On Titanic

 Of all the movies you can think of, I dare you to find one more epic than Titanic. The ship sinking into the ocean and thousands of people sinking. The betrayal. The romance. The danger. The laughter. The ultimate happy ending. It just tugs at my heartstrings.

 First, there's the sinking. It absolutely kills me. I've seen LOTR, I've seen Star Wars, I've seen Star Trek, I've seen Ben-Hur, and still, the sinking absolutely makes me horrified. Movies don't usually make me cry, but this gave me an open mouth and a broken heart. I didn't need tears. All this, on top of the heart-breaking shots of people preparing to die and my ultimate fear of the ocean, just is a horrible spectacle. The people were unprepared. They were scared. And the ultimate straw is the scene where the sailor dude shoots Tommy and Fabrizio starts screaming in anger, but still takes the bloody life jacket off his dead friend.He didn't have time to mourn. He didn't have the resources. He didn't want to die. He had to do it, throwing honor and respect for the dead aside. And when the sailor saw what he had done.....he shot himself. 

 On a happier note....let's have a big hand for Leonardo DiCaprio. SO DELICIOUS. I mean, the guy was 21 or so, and he pulled off this amazing performance. You HAVE to like Jack Dawson, or else, how can you like the story? It's a complete fairy tale....instead of money, Rose goes for the guy she really wants, even if he is penniless, following in the tradition of Fiddler on the Roof, Little Women, and Aladdin. Let's face it, Jack is an ever-lovin' hunk. And he has a sense of humor. Go, Rose!

 Possibly the most important note of all......the MUSIC. I buy instrumentals and actually listen to them. James Horner has done amazing, tear-jerking work. It's such a joy to listen to. I actually have a secret wish to vocalize Rose or Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave onstage, or sing My Heart Will Go On in front of an audience, who I hope to have in tears. Ah, you just can't say enough about the music. And the grand spectacle, the utter romance, the undisputable most unusual love story ever, the amazing adventure that is Titanic.

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