Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On hair.

 No, not the musical. My actual tresses. Rapunzel-like, to some. For years-

"Holy cow, your hair's LONG!"
"Why don't you cut it?"
"I could never have hair that long!"
"It's so pretty!"

 And so on. I, in fact, have never cut my hair. Shockers. Yep, it's been growing for 15 1/2 years so far, and I never intend to cut it. It really makes me upset when people tease me about cutting it. I love my hair. I would be devastated if you cut it all off. It's kind of a part of me, and you would not believe the things I can do with it. It's a scarf, a whip, a shawl, a decoration. I love it. 

There are a few disadvantages, though. The tangles I wake up with aren't pretty, to say the least. Yowtch. We're talking pain. And it gets really bushy after a shower. (Every time I say that, I think of Hermione. I guess I should be flattered. But bushy hair can get annoying.) Another thing is how LONG it takes me to wash it. I talk to Friend Adam, who describes 20 minutes as a long time to take a shower.

Me-I wish I could take a shower in 20 minutes.
Adam-How long does it take you?
Me-A good half hour, for a relatively quick one.
Adam-*Dumbstruck* Really? YIKES!

But it's a religious principle of ours not to cut our hair. E-Mail me, I can give you passages and points. It's been something I grow up with. Luckily for me, my friends have their own religious principles that I don't question, so they totally understand. I'm not ridiculed for my skirts and long hair or for the way I speak. Which I enjoy.

But seriously, I love having long hair. It looks princess-y, I think. Right now, it's hanging in 7 different braids, getting wavy for tomorrow. Keep an eye out, HELP kids, it took me a while to braid my hair to make it look good. But it is worth it.

You just need a heavy-duty hairbrush, that's all.


  1. I watched a movie the other day where the mean girls cut this adorable little girl's hair at a slumber party. It was all I could do to not burst out in tears. People don't understand that fear. It's so not cool to mess with!

  2. I know it! I hate it when people joke about cutting my hair. It makes me feel awful.