Friday, November 19, 2010

The most random post ever.

This will most likely be a very random post. Sometimes, my feelings get mixed up, or I'm happy one minute and sad the next. Sometimes, I write songs. But seeing as I am currently online, you will be treated to what is going on in my life, unspecified. The one unrelated person I can spill all my feelings to is currently not online. Thus, I cannot talk to him. This results in your getting an extremely random post. No, it has no point. Let me just vent, here. If you're bored, or you don't care, or you're thinking, "This girl is EMO," just go away. This could make you laugh, I don't know. If it does, I'm happy I could brighten your day. But anyway. Tally-ho, off we go. Prepare to be weirded out.

I really like Leonardo DiCaprio. I mean, seriously. He is HOT. I cannot get enough of Titanic. Best movie ever.

Today, I dreamed I lost the game.

I'm hoping these feelings I'm feeling are love, or at least the beginnings of such. This guy, there's something different about him. It's just......different. He means so much to me. I don't usually cry over guys. Or like them for this long. But hey. Maybe this is love.

I like eating olives, right out of the jar. I could get sick on olives, and still eat them. It's true love, I know it.

Sometimes, I get really high on laughter. I love those times.

My little sister and I are, like, the best of friends. Like seriously. We can do anything, there's no stopping us! Unfortunately, sometimes "everything" involves laughing our heads off at midnight, taking weird pictures with Mom's camera, or dissing Barbie. Eh. We rock.

I am going to be an actress someday. Not a movie actress, a STAGE actress. A great actress of the musical theatre. Watch for me at Carnegie Hall.

Neon orange just annoys me. It's a disgusting color.

So, there's this boy.........

Mithrandir, our second-oldest cat, is my special baby. Abby has Cassie, and Mom has a special relationship with Aragorn. So I decided Mithry needed someone. So he's my baby. :)

I canNOT stop myself from saying the word "like". I have probably said it, like, 5 times already without knowing it. Oh shoot. Like just now. -_-

I think I'm in love.

"Because He Loved Me" is like one of the best hymns ever. Like, fersher.

I don't eat meat a lot. It does not appeal to me. Yuck. >:P

La-de-da, la-de-da........

The musical "Cats" is dah bomb. Like, seriously. THE BEST.

I have such amazing friends. I can't even list them all. They rock my socks so hard my shoes come off.

Ra-ra-ra-ra-ra roma-ra-ma-ma gaga-ooh-la-la..........

I am paranoid. If I don't know you, and you're not in the church, I will be terrified of you.

One last thing.........

I love the word "scintillating". It's just cool.

Alright, randomness ended. Go back to your lives, citizens.

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