Monday, December 6, 2010

The Epic Music Series-Songs of my Childhood.

During my childhood, and even now, my family has let me watch movies like an addict. Cartoons, action, chick flicks, documentaries, romance, drama, musicals, etc. In the past year or so, I've been rediscovering songs from my childhood that are SO worth listening to. There's something about the music or lyrics that is just so wonderful and worthwhile. After listening to them, you may wonder why people waste their time listening to pop music ALL THE TIME and why they don't take these. So take a listen. 

1-The Last Unicorn (The Last Unicorn)

Dad rented this movie for us, and this song was quickly one I was singing afterwards. I recently rediscovered it on Youtube. It's interesting.

Music or lyrics-The lyrics are poetic, but I enjoy the music more.

iTunes-Available, though not the version I posted the link to. Sadness. :'(

2-Reach For The Light (Balto)

I've been watching this movie for years. It was, like, my favorite at 6 years old or so. It may also be why I loved the name Jenna for years...

Music or lyrics-Um, BOTH. I love the music, the flutes and drum beats, and the lyrics are like a theme song of life.

iTunes avaliability-Available, but be careful not to get the karaoke or short version by mistake.

3-Once Upon A Time In New York City (Oliver and Company)-

Every time I listen to this, it reminds me of my friend Adam, who loves the city. This is one of those "inspirational" songs, but totally worth listening to. 

Music or Lyrics-Music. Some of the lyrics are amazing, though.

iTunes availability-Available, but not the Huey Lewis version. Still good. :)

4-Wherever You Are (Winnie-the-Pooh's Grand Adventure-The Search For Christopher Robin)-

This song is so beautiful. I love it to death. Who cares if it's from Winnie-The-Pooh.

Music or Lyrics-Both. You can't separate them, they belong together.

iTunes avaliability-Not available. I was not happy.

5-Love Will Find a Way (The Lion King 2-Simba's Pride)-

Just the opening flute notes get me in this song. It's purely beautiful. I also loved this movie as a child, maybe a little too much. :)

Music or Lyrics-Probably lyrics. They're beautiful.

iTunes avaliability-Available, but only the pop version by Kenny Lattimore.

6-Beauty and the Beast, End Credits (Beauty and the Beast)-

I realized not long ago-well, I am still a child, kinda, it counts-just how much I adore this version. Just the arrangement of instruments is enough to give one chills. And yes, I know it has Celine Dion in it....I love her, I loved this song before I saw Titanic, don't judge ;)

Music or Lyrics-Music, definitely.

iTunes availability-Available.

You bettah be waiting for the next installment of my Epic Music Series. I'm bored a lot. Here is an outlet, talking about something I love. Come on back soon for my love songs, yo...

~Actresschick <3                                                     I love music.

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