Thursday, December 16, 2010

'Tis the Season

I hate cold. I just hate it.

It's days like this, when I wake up, stumble out of bed to the window-and OH SNAP WHERE'D THE DRIVEWAY GO TO!?-when I remember summer with a fond gleam in my eye. Summer, where you wear short sleeves (my favorite) and no shoes...summer, where it's warmer outside than it is inside...Summer, where I go outside on the tree swing, plug in my iPod and lose myself in music and daydreams...summer, that feels made of dreams. I've always been able to put up with heat a lot more than my family.

But UGH. You go outside, and you freeze your ears off. Wind slashes through you, trying to make you quit breathing. Slippery slush, icky ice, days of no shoes are swept away by the wind. I think I'll pull a lazy and stay inside watching Titanic, Letters to Juliet, and Cats all day. 

Admittedly, now I sound like a grump. Unfortunately, that's who I am sometimes. Oh yeah, Rachel's a grump. Either that, or she's spazzing out and cracking rude jokes. Yep, that's my girl. Sigh.

There are some things I like about the season, this crazy winter. I went to the store a few days ago to buy presents for our version of Christmas (don't judge, my dad will explain every bit of it to you-he's the one who has us say "no" to Santa Claus.). We get presents and goof around and have a very good time, thank you very much. 

So. Anyway. Shopping. I hadn't had a lot of money in a while, since I hadn't done my job to receive the moolah. I had CASH, baby. Ooh, buy presents. You mean for me? Good on ya, mate. Tally-ho! And it's off to the junior department I sail. Cute clothes, big sales, and while I'm standing there, I hear a woman crooning over the loudspeaker "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...". Something about that song is just so cozy. *Grin*

Off to buy twin presents. While shopping, I hear again "Baby, it's cold outside..." I love seasonal music. I also hear the to-be-expected Sugar Plum Fairy theme twinkling down through the speakers. I adore a good instrumental.

I get the backseat all to myself and I see a snowflake land on the window. I am sitting right next to one of those giant lights they have in store parking lots, and I center myself so I can see the snowflake right in front of the light. It's an intricate pattern. It's hard to believe something that perfect could just fall from the sky. I smile. God is good.

So, okay. Maybe I hate cold. Maybe I wish for summer. But winter has its good points too. 

I refuse to wear winter clothes, though. Deal with THAT.

This was back in August...*sigh*

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