Monday, July 11, 2011

So.........I write songs.


I'm the type of girl who shares her inner being with just about everyone. Which is probably why I'm doing this.

Okay, people, you know what? I write songs. 

I just do.

Dad and I were driving home from work one day (mine, not his >:) ) and he says, "Do you hear me talking. That would make a good song." Being Daddy Dear he goes off and all rockstar on me. I sat in relative silence for a few minutes and then turned to him and sang, "Do you hear me talking, baby? What is this road we're walking, baby? When I say yes and you say no and I say stop and you say go-how will it be today?" (I don't even think those are the words. That's how random my bursts are.)

Ha. He wasn't expecting that.

"Did you write that?!"


Too bad I didn't finish it. I kinda liked it, myself. I'm not so happy with writing music, ironically. Music can flow from my mouth if I'm trying it out on a verse. But I like spinning and squeezing lyrics into something people just might, in some unexplored universe, enjoy. Maybe you even do. I don't know. *jumps around*

{My personality's not your bad habit/I redraw the line wherever you erase it}
{Your face says I'll never win you over/But who's gonna hate me for one four-leaf clover?}
{Give me your summer romance/The one that didn't work out/I'll show you a cliche/And a boy not worth a shout}

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