Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sweet Hour of Prayer

  I really think we take things for granted.

 This morning in church, we prayed for a young man who came forward and asked for help. I remembered an incident a matter of months ago, where a different man came forward and asked for support. As we bowed our heads to pray for him, I excitedly thought, "We're going to talk to God now!" 

And that's when it really hit me.

We always have the opportunity to talk to God. That's what praying is. To think that I was excited, just because we were praying out of our normal church schedule. We pray to start the service, once before the sermon, and to end the service. We pray to bless the food in the Communion. All those times are talking to God, but I don't really realize that. We have an amazing privilege to talk to the greatest being in the universe, and we let our minds wander. We think about how we have to finish a homework assignment, how we have to make dinner, how we have to call someone when we get home. I'm not pointing fingers. But I really start to think we take things for granted.

 I feel inadequate. I know I don't pray enough. And even in church, I need to concentrate more. I take all control of a lot of privileges. Maybe I should take more control of this one.

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