Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Hasn't the weather been just de-light-ful?"

   Weather. One of the most used words in trite conversation. "Hasn't the weather been FRIGHTFUL lately, darling?". It's always been used as a conversation starter. But that's just the word. This Random Adventure is on the actual THING. 


 Ah, weather....many a time have you given me joy and many a time have I hated your guts. (Don't ask me how that works...) 

 I have a habit of waking up early in the morning and going outside. Occasionally there's a fog, which is sweet,  but during the school's also really cold. I can dress up in my pajamas, pull a skirt over that, slide on a hat and put on my Amazing Astounding Warm Sweater of Doom-and still, it's 6:30 in the morning, people. My nose is history.

 Snow. I used to go crazy when there was a foot of snow on the ground. Dude, that was PLAYTIME! Running around outside, building snowpeople, having snowball fights with Dad, pulling Abby and the twins in the sled. But now that I'm 15, I've noticed something about snow--it's cold. You may say, "Duh, YEAH!" but dude, I'm talking about the below freezing sensation when the snow cakes all over your legs and boots, when you have ice in your hair and your Dad SOMEHOW manages to get a snowball down your shirt. It's COLD. Oh yeah, I still play in the snow. I still run around and scream like an idiot. I still fall in the snow for no reason at all. But I'd better have some cocoa waiting for me when I go inside.

 Rain. Noun-THE DEATH OF FUN. Sure, the flowers get their water. Sure, all the little forest animals get their showers. Sure, my mom doesn't have to water the garden. But from my point of view, rain is a big fat nuisance. It makes the ground muddy, makes the sky dreary, makes the tree swing all damp-UGH-and mists depression into the air. One of its only good points is making water droplets on flowers for good photos. But of all the different kinds of weather we can have.......RAIN IS THE WORST. 

 Heat. Actually, I handle heat better than all of my family. I'm the one sitting shotgun in the van cranking up the heat while my family is begging for the a.c. I'm the one who turns up the hot water in the bathtub. I'm the one who has a history of sitting on the vents until my legs turned red. So, naturally, summer is my favorite season. And the heat is REALLY NICE. I love going outside after the icy air of the house and feeling the warm summer air envelop me. But too much is too much. There have been so many times I desperately need a fan. But not all the time.....

 Ah, weather. The wide spread of choices means everyone has favorite weather options. I know people who love thunderstorms while I'm griping about them. And there have been times, mind you, when snow has made HELP be postponed for 2 weeks straight and when our basement has leaked. There are surprise showers and heat waves (YAY!) and clouds so thick you can't see the blue of the sky. All I can say to you is....

 You'd better carry an umbrella.

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