Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On Lady Gaga

 There are a lot of singers that have done crazy stuff, and wear crazy clothes, and have crazy songs. But of them all, Lady Gaga is probably the most insane. She uses blood in her shows, loads on so much makeup you wonder what it would look like if she was caught in a rainstorm.....and come on, people, she wears dresses made of MUPPETS. And yet, she's popular and people love her. And at first, she kind've looked freaky to me. It was scary, really. I decided to try and figure out this pop culture phenomenon, even though I was already not sure about her tastefulness.

SO I went on Youtube and looked up Paparazzi.At first, I was looking at it like, "What is this crap?" and watched it over and over-slowly becoming fascinated with it, and starting to learn the lyrics.


 Soon I was walking around the house singing the chorus and thinking maybe it wasn't so bad. Bring on Poker Face. Randomly singing the chorus. Am I hooked on this singer I once deemed distasteful?


Well, at least I don't listen to Ke$ha.


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