Thursday, August 12, 2010


  Ah, the telephone. Another staple of modern-day communication. People can't live without their cell phones, and have you noticed that in an emergency-the first thing people do is pick up that phone and call I-X-I-I?! Personally, I wish I had a cell phone. I wouldn't mind having one, calling my friends and texting people-connecting to the Internet, possibly? 

But here's a secret-phones used to make me nervous.

 Don't ask me why, I'm just weird like that. Dad wants me to call the vet's office-"Please, Dad, can't Mom do it?"I want to call a friend, so I start getting upset. I dial the number and hang up on their answering machine. Crisis over.

 But lately, phones haven't been that bad. I've had people call just to talk to me, and I have actually called other people. Usually I have a reason, but sometimes I just need to spill my guts. I go alert when I'm expecting a call and the phone rings, then get disappointed when it's not my call. I talk to people for hours on end.I have the weirdest conversations, and overall, have an amazing time. The shy, preteen me has been shrinking into a more mature teenager-one who can talk to her friends, who has chased her brother to give her the phone when HE picks it up, one who has actually called the vet's office-GASP!-to make an appointment for sweet Ary.

 Don't think my nervousness has left, it's still a little awkward. But hey.....I'd rather talk to my pals than freak at the sound of a ringtone.


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