Saturday, August 7, 2010

I blame the family.

Technically, I can't really blame them, because I cinsider myself the odd bird out. But my family has had some nerdy influence on me.
Daddy(The Psychologist) teaches Social Psych at NKU. Sure, he has a Phd. Sure, people love to hear him pray because he's so good at it. 
But underneath that, you have a guy who enjoys Star Trek-The Original Series and a box of mint-chocolate cookies. He finds psychological aspects in Calvin and Hobbes, and can't get enough of my ludicrous "model turns".  This is the man who has us sit in a sleeping bag and sail across the kitchen floor. Love you Daddy... :)
Sarah (The Writer) is basically a copy of The Psychologist in female form. She reads his textbooks, takes school test and excels, and is an avid Trekkie. She and I disagree on almost everything.  But when we agree, it's beautiful.
I'd say I'm actually closest to Abby(The Artist) of all my siblings. She and I agree that jean skirts rock, vintage Barbie commercials are entertaining, and Michael Buble has quite the cute countenance. We have an extensive list of private and stupid jokes. Sure, she's a Twihard. But let's overlook that.
Ah, Double Trouble. What can I say!? They annoy me so much, and then they love me to death. They can be really cute, or really frustrating. But it's so heart-warming when they show me they love me.
I've saved Mom(Beloved Mother) for last, because I'm pretty much straight from her side of the family. We both laugh at gross jokes, love the musical 1776, and agree that cilantro is a good thing. I have Gram's eyes, Great-Grandma's lips, and my mom's sarcasm. Love you Mumsy!
So then there's me. Ambitious, dreamer, talented, giggly, book lover, crazy person, actress, singer, pianist.

I'm not really sure why I got stuck with this family.....

But I'm glad God gave me that gift.

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