Saturday, August 7, 2010

No really, it's SCARY weird.

I'm pretty sure I scare people.
Nope, I'm SURE I scare people.
I'm weird. That's all there is to it. And yet, somehow, people still want to hang out with me. Ah well. Maybe they haven't realized just how weird I am.
For example:
Just tonight, I walked upstairs and the smell engulfed me.
Broccoli. ROASTED broccoli.
The Writer(Sarah) looked up. "Yeah, there's broccoli in the kitchen."
"Can I have it!?"
"You'd better ask Mom, she might want it."
I charged down the hall like a rabid wolf.
"MOM! Is there broccoli?"
Beloved Mother(Mom) looked up. "Yes.."
"Can I HAVE IT?"
"I suppose."
OFF TO THE KITCHEN. I took so much of that broccoli-to be honest, why would someone put that few spears of broccoli in a container and save it, when they could just eat it?! I went into the living room and walked up to The Writer.
"I has broccoli. See?"
I ate it. All of it. I love broccoli. SO MUCH. And THAT, darling reader, is part of the reason I scare people. It started at an early age-I make no joke, my parents used to have to feed me cookies-THEN I could have more broccoli.
Vegetables are a beautiful thing.
I'm pretty sure I scare people.

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